Michael Bolus

Work in progressWork in progressWork in progressWork in progress

Work in progress

  • Material: Aluminium
  • Year:1972
  • Collection: Private

The Aluminium that makes up this sculpture was produced for Jules Olitski while he was in St Neots Cambridge at the Aeromet factory making Sculpture in 1968. When he finished working and returned to the USA, he donated his remaining stock to Michael Bolus and fellow Artists working at the Kingsgate Road Studios in West Hampstead. This Sculpture was shown at Battersea Park in 1977 as part of the Silver Jubilee exhibition of British Sculpture. An example of the use Jules Olitski was putting the Aluminium to can be seen here: ARTNET And here: METMUS

Olitski himself wrote an account of his working practice at St Neots HERE