Michael Bolus

Untitled SculptureUntitled Sculpture

Untitled Sculpture

  • Colour: Varied
  • Material: Painted aluminium
  • Size: 5'7" x 21'
  • Year:1971
  • Collection: Tate Gallery London - T01359

Lit: Richard Morphet, in catalogue of The Alistair McAlpine Gift, 1971, p. 62. "In Bolus’s newest work, represented here by ‘Untitled’, 1971, the lattice structure hinted at in ‘8th Sculpture’, 1963, in the topological box sculptures of 1965, and in the linear criss-cross and apertures of ‘5th Sculpture’, 1966, is constructed from straight strips of aluminium, curved in section, which recall the half-cylinders seen in ‘ 1st Sculpture’, 1967–8. It embodies the sense of potential telescoping seen in the colour-plane works of 1970, and the sense of being a fragment of a larger whole seen in those and so many other works. Through and along this open wall run two long slender rods, again expressing continuity- through fragmentation. The glinting silver-painted material catches the light in random ways. In this open screen of non-colour hanging in space, plane is alternately questioned and defined. Strongly suggestive of a utilitarian purpose and standing very immediately in the spectator’s own space, it implies a growing freedom in Bolus’s choice and deployment of materials and in his means of giving physical form to spontaneous feeling." This is one of three Sculpture included in a Solo Exhibition at Waddington Galleries in 1971. It was reviewed by Michael Fried in Artforum, Summer 1971 issue and the review was included in Fried's anthology of Art criticism, Art and Objecthood published in 1998 by University of Chicago Press. ARTICLE HERE