Michael Bolus

4th Sculpture4th Sculpture4th Sculpture

4th Sculpture

  • Colour: Varied
  • Material: Polychrome mild steel
  • Size: 5409mm x 2159mm x 2445mm
  • Year:1966
  • Collection: Tate Gallery London - T01355
Lit: Richard Morphet, in catalogue of The Alistair McAlpine Gift, 1971, p.61. ‘4th Sculpture’ and ‘5th Sculpture’ (T01356), 1966, are, in plan, equilateral triangles; they are made up of equilateral pyramidal modules which, in order to be distinct from the ground and demonstrably hollow, are cut away in curves along their lower edges (and at their pinnacles in ‘4th Sculpture’). In these and in T01353 and T01354, objects rest emphatically on the ground yet hardly touch it. The concrete forms are imitated by the voids between them. Moreover the form of each sculpture as a whole again implies one or more larger wholes.'